The Pendragon Rattery is committed to breeding healthy, well-socialised and beautiful pet rats with sweet temperaments, who will bring their new owners many moments of happiness. I'm proud that Pendragons are renowned for their highly individual personalities and depth of character!

My rats are fed high-quality commercial rat mix, usually Burgess SupaRat, or Alpha Deluxe rabbit mix.

Treats are of bread, fresh vegetables, dog biscuits, chicken bones and white fake-chocolate button dog treats. (Octarine can get 4 of these in her mouth at one time... greedy or what??).

Babies and nursing mothers are supplemented every day with either cooked pasta, EMP egg-food, porridge [USA=oatmeal], or soaked dry dog food, plus Lactol kitten & puppy milk to drink.

Litters are regularly given a Bread House
a whole loaf of wholemeal bread to excavate, play in, curl up to sleep in, and gradually eat over the ensuing week. I must get some photos of this done... it's the sweetest thing you ever saw...

All rats are currently bedded on Megazorb
similar to Carefreshwith clean shredded paper towel for nesting material.

No more than one or two litters are bred at a time, so that babies get the maximum of attention and are raised on an individual basis.
Babies are born and reared in my home and are handled every day from birth whenever possible.
Both parents are chosen with temperament as a prime consideration. No bad-tempered, aggressive or nervous rats of either sex are ever bred from.  
Health is all-important, and no rats which have suffered illness are used for breeding.  
Pendragon does not practise the reduction of offspring in a litter— sometimes called culling —for any reason whatsoever.