Litter born 30th. June 2004
Retro-Ratz Mayflower
(Mink self doe)
x Goby (Agouti Rex Dumbo buck, bred by Sam Raven)

14 babies born, 13 survived

Girls (8)   Boys (7)
1. Black-eyed Siamese/Himalayan
9. Black-eyed Siamese/Himalayan Rex
2. Black-eyed Siamese/Himalayan Rex
10. Cinnamon Rex

3. Cinnamon Rex


11. Mink
4. Agouti Rex   12. Black Rex
5. Black Rex
13. Agouti
6. Black Rex  
7. Agouti        
8. Agouti    


All the Cinnamons/Minks I am reserving at the moment until older as I plan to keep at least one!

Babies will carry Dumbo, and English Mink/Cinnamon (not 'mock mink') and will be ready at 6 weeks of age, from August 11th.

Coming soon:
Dumbo babies
in Black-eyed Siamese/Himalayan, Agouti, Black & Russian Blue

from Sardines (Agouti Dumbo) & Pendragon's Valentino (Russian Blue Pt. Black-eyed Siamese Dumbo)

Normal-ear and Dumbo babies in Black-eyed Siamese/Himalayan, & Burmese
from Pendragon's Utsira (Russian Blue Point Black-eyed Siamese) & Valhalla Bonzo (Burmese Dumbo)

Thank you for your enquiry.

Last Updated 22nd. May 2004