"Probably the most photographed rat of her time." Nick Mays
Photo: East Grinstead Courier
Probably my favourite photo of Penny -
taken by a newspaper after a rat show.
I was 18 years old.
In 1981, I visited the Bradford Championship Show at Doncaster, to exhibit my Magpie rabbits.

The National Fancy Rat Society, then only 5 years old, had a stand there and I talked to other rat owners and breeders for the first time. I joined the Society, and first made the acquaintance of Nick Mays.

I also took home two new baby rats.
Penny was a little black berkshire doe, born in Carlisle. From the start, she had a wonderful nature and loved meeting people. I took her to every rat show I attended during her lifetime, and she accompanied me to radio interviews, appeared on local TV, and was photographed for local newspapers.

Penny had two litters, and her babies were as beautiful of nature as she. One of her sons, Ramsay, won several Best Pet awards for his owner, Ian Dowden.

Penny died at approximately 2 years old, after a short illness. In her last few days she slept in bed with me at night. No rat could be more fondly remembered, nor leave me such a legacy in the photos and memories I have of her.