A black Irish doe, born 1985
Crombie, cinnamon pearl buck from 1983
One of the very first Black-eyed Whites, born in 1984
and bred by Diane Schofield-Wildman.
Prudence - one of my most favourite rats of all time. She once chased my Siamese cat around the room! Born in 1983.
Frodo, a stunning Black Variegated, 1983.
This variety was still quite rare back then.
Frodo, again.
Some of my black varigateds were exported
to the USA in1983 and founded lines there.
Frodo's littermates went to Karen Robbins and Joy Ely.
Firan [fee-rahn]. Black Berkshire doe. Her name is the Arabic word for "rat".
Maggie Milk Mouth and her litter sired by Frodo.
In 1982 I was given an unusually coloured bluish-looking agouti rat found in a Dorset pet shop. I bred on from them to produce interesting new colours. This is Helva, a cinnamon diluted by this gene.
Lio was one of the rats from this experimental line. He was the nearest anyone had ever seen to a Lilac rat at the time. Some of these rats went to Rosemary Quaid and were the vital ingredient to producing the first Black Eyed Whites. Roy Robinson later classified this diluting gene as H(e).
A Mink doe and her litter of Champagne and Mink, 1982.
A closer look at one of the champagne babies from the litter on the left. Although it looks like a pink-eyed white, it was in fact a pale, mink-based champagne, aa/mm/pp.
Mallen, blazed agouti variegated, 1983.
Blazed rats were exceptionally rare in the early 1980's -
until I bred Mallen I had never seen or heard of one
with a full "Dutch rabbit" blaze.