sea dragon
Although the photos didn't come out as well as I had hoped, I fell in love with the Sea Dragons. These amazing creatures come from only one area of the world, near Tasmania, and are a heavily protected species and only a few aquariums in the world have them on show. They are related to sea horses, and do share some of their characteristics, but they look more like fantastical beasts, real "dragons".

There are two types of sea dragon, Leafy and Weedy. This one is a Weedy. Sadly, the photo of the Leafy one did not come out well enough to display, but they are similar to this one except that their "wings" are trailing fronds resembling seaweed. They look like mythical Chinese dragons, with just a touch of Anne McCaffrey...

A link to Sea Dragon information:
Unique Australian Animals at
Stunning photographs of Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons, plus information about their range and habitats and links to other Sea Dragon sites.
[Thanks to Ert for finding this link!]